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Kidville University Enrollment Options

Kidville University (2.0-3.3 years) Single Semester Purchase required to enroll

2’s program
Kidville University (KVU) is a social pre-school alternative program offering children a positive first school experience. Teachers serve as guides for parents and children during a gradual separation process tailored to each family.

KVU Prep (18-24) A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

The goal of KVU Prep is to prepare children for a separated class by encouraging independence while they explore and play. This 90 minute class includes open play, story time, blocks, art, music, snack and gym. The routine and transitions between activities allow children to become familiar and comfortable with the structure of the program. Focusing on social/emotional, physical, and artistic development, this program not only prepares the children for KVU, Kidville’s Preschool Alternative program, but also creates a morning full of activity and excitement!

KVU Gym Time No purchase required to enroll

KVU Prep Gym time No purchase required to enroll

Playspace $14 per classFrom $0 per visit with Annual Unlimited Playspace passNo purchase required to enroll